Order Query Max Size Reducing to 250


We are reducing the maximum amount of orders you can query to 250 due to the size of the order object. The default will still remain 100 orders. The change should go into effect on api.channelape.com this Wednesday (04/25/2018).

On Wednesday, if you request more than 250 orders then your request will automatically switch to the maximum of 250 orders. You should see that if you requested say 500 orders that the pagination object in the response will indicate that 250 orders have been returned. This should not be a breaking change for any applications since we are not failing the request when you send a size greater than 250.

Example Request:

GET https://api.channelape.com/v1/orders?businessId=2e74e4c0-43e0-4a50-8af4-026da5bcea07&size=500

Example Response:

"pagination": {
    "lastKey": "501a3eb0-7ab3-4894-bb24-d2df7034199d",
    "lastPage": false,
    "nextPageHref": "v1/orders?lastKey=501a3eb0-7ab3-4894-bb24-d2df7034199d&size=250&businessId=2e74e4c0-43e0-4a50-8af4-026da5bcea07",
    "pageSize": 250

You can view the updated docs here:

Query orders by business
Query orders by channel

If you have any concerns, please voice them in the comments below.


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