How do you specify a BigCommerce category when syncing inventory?


When syncing inventory data, what additional field do I need to set in order to attach a Big Commerce category to the inventory item?

Is there a way to specify more than one category?


The BigCommerce channel supports mapping of BigCommerce category IDs either via ChannelApe variant additional fields or ChannelApe variant primary and secondary categories.

  • If “bigcommerce_categories” additional fields is present on first variant for product
    • Parse “bigcommerce_categories” variant additional field into list.
      • category IDs should be separated by commas
  • Else
    • Parse “primary” and “secondary” categories on first variant for product into list.
      • These will also be product Ids

The additional field bigcommerce_categories supports a list of comma separated BigCommerce Category IDs.

Example additional fields:

additionalFields: [
        "bigcommerce_categories": "2,49,23"


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