How do I import/control inventory?


Can I import inventory from other drop shipping companies? Not just the ones that are listed? Also, is there a way I can control what inventory I import and where on my website I need to have it imported?


If you do not see your drop shipper listed, just ask as we are building integrations to dropshippers daily.

While we cant control what items we bring in from the suppliers data feed, we can certainly select what products go to your storefront.


We also have the ability to tag your inventory items so that they can correctly match up to the right category or collection on shopify.


so im new to this whole dropshipping thing i have a live feed from my distributor and it is imported correctly and updated every hour i have synced my ebay store with this account but when i go to sync my inventory to my ebay it says it was done but nothing shows up on my ebay am i doing something wrong is there another step or anyway anyone can give me some helpful knowledge to making this work



When creating items on Ebay, each category requires specific data points by Ebay. My suggestion is to try to take one item from your source file or your data and manually create that item on Ebay. You will then see that any data point with a red asterisk is required. If you are missing that data point in your source data then that item will not be created on Ebay. Some data points that are usually required are Manufacturer names, UPC codes, GTIN, Titles and Images.


Ebay inventory sync

I have tried that I have went threw and changed filters and followed all the troubleshooting protocols and nothing is posting to the eBay account


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