How do I add a supplier to my ChannelApe account?


Hi, on the overview apps page I see that I can pull in data from Honest Green, but on my channel page, I don’t see it available. How should I go about setting this up? Or is it something ChannelApe does?


We have added so many new suppliers recently that we have not had a chance to add them all to our back end of our APP. If you see your supplier listed you can go ahead and install on your own. Some suppliers require you to have a username and password to access their data while others do not.

Don’t see your supplier listed, no worries, we may already have it completed and not on our back end yet.

If we do not have an integration to you supplier, we can easily build a custom integration for you. That sounds expensive doesn’t it. Luckily, we can integrate with your supplier or custom feed for either an additional 14.99, 29.99 or 49.99 per month.