How can I be sure to sell the most profitable product?


I am starting an online store. I need some eCommerce advice on how to get started. How can I be sure that I’m picking the correct products to sell on my store? Is it best to be familiar or more so interested in the products I want to sell? Rather than just picking the most profitable? Etc.




Here is a useful link to show you just a small portion of the companies we deal with and the different verticals that you can sell in.


I always suggest to customers just starting an online store to start with something you are familiar with. If your hobby is camping and hiking then maybe start with outdoor gear. it helps to know a bit about the products that you are selling. It helps that you can speak and write about this products in an enthusiastic fashion.

You are going to need to write content about these items and the more familiar you are about them the better your online store will perform.