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looking for anyone with knowledge how to sync my inventory to my ebay when i attempt it it says it was successful and my actions performed climbs tremendously but nothing shows up on my ebay store anyone have advice as to what to do to get this to sync am i going about this the wrong way

How do I import/control inventory?

Hi @jdavis, I’ve reviewed your setup and found why nothing is creating on eBay. As @JasonD is mentioning in How do I import/control inventory? it sounds like you are missing too much data.

Problem occurred while trying to create Item with SKU of TR10002

The payment method selected is no longer available.
Invalid store category ID, 0, since it is non-leaf.  So item has been listed to the 'Other' store category
You are not opted into Business Policies. To continue using this feature please opt in using the following link: http://www.bizpolicy.ebay.com/businesspolicy/policyoptin
You did not specify any valid category in the request.
Please enter a valid price for your item (e.g. US $0.99).
Condition is not applicable for this category. The condition value submitted has been dropped.
A description is required. 

If you can fix all the problems like missing categories, descriptions, retail prices, etc eBay would let you create the item.

We’re working on launching a new features shortly called activity logs that would give you insight into errors like this.

Here is another great help article: https://www.channelape.com/support/knowledgebase/listings-not-created-ebay-channelape-products/
as well as:


@jdavis maybe you can try to fix this by mapping all the data you have from your supplier’s FTP? Map as much data as possible into ChannelApe. Then resync by going to the FTP integration in the ChannelApe app and issue a product pull action

If you use @JasonD’s suggestion of opening up the supplier feed file and see if they have all the data when you manually create one item on eBay you’ll see if your data source has enough information. If your supplier doesn’t give you all the information, that is the main issue you have. The platform can’t just come up data that doesn’t exist.


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