ChannelApe Metafields Visible in Shopify


It is great that ChannelApe can sync in Metafields, but only my theme developer can find them. Is there an easier way to see metafields in the Shopify backend.


@JasonD, great question.

Thanks to Jason @ FreakDesign, there is a Chrome plugin called ShopifyFD.

It has a ton of great features other than just showing Metafields. Once you install it in Chrome, go a product in the Shopify admin and click the plugin and you’ll see some great features add to the page.

Just remember, this plugin will also let you edit Metafields but our service will continually overwrite them when it syncs from your data source.


Thanks @mjaverto. I have installed that tool. You are correct this makes viewing metafields much easier. I have noted that any edits I make to the metadata will be overwritten by ChannelApe


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