Can I import my data from shopify and send to another shopify store

I have two shopify stores, one I use for USA orders and one for International. Can I use Channelape to sync inventory from my one shopify store to the other store. I also need to add a markup to the inventory in my international store to account for the currency difference. IS this something channelape can do for me.

Of course you can. The first step is to install the shopify to ChannelApe importer. This will import all of your shopify inventory data into ChannelApe. Once this is complete, you can either select all products or some subset of products that you can determine. Once you have selected the products you want to send to the other shopify store you can apply a modifier to that data to either alter the quantity or price, once that is complete, set the recipes and let ChannelApe do the rest, your system is now automated to pull inventory from one shopify store and then send to your other shopify storefront.